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Issues in Our Community



Currently, we face a housing shortage. Our children and others who want cannot move into the city because of the shortage. We need to provide more affordable housing opportunities, including more owner-occupied housing. I want to add zoning options that will provide better options for developers to create owner-occupied housing.

Clean Air

We need to continue to move toward renewable energy resources for Murray Power to help improve the quality of air in our city while keeping our energy costs low for citizens.  First, I will work with Murray Power to develop a plan for 100% green energy for the city's utility. I will work to improve water conservation through increase incentives for xeriscaping and offering draught-resistant grass seed.

1661 Hometown 16x16.jpg


Our parks are amazing. As the city grows, we need to seek opportunities to provide more park and recreation opportunities. Art projects throughout the city can beautify and help keep Murray charming. I will work to increase public art displays, increase green space, and have more community gatherings. I would love to add a regular concert series that is free to the public.

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